About functional medicine

Functional Medicine addresses the patient as a whole and aims to understand and resolve the root causes of disease.

Have you ever been told “all your labs are normal,” but you still feel unwell? 

In the conventional medicine model, the standard of care is often inadequate in the assessment of conditions like thyroid dysfunction, gut disorders, food intolerance, environmental illness and hormone imbalance. Functional medicine takes a comprehensive approach by assessing symptoms as interrelated, focusing on the body as an integrated system and utilizing in-depth and highly sensitive tests to help identify the root causes of symptoms. This approach will educate and empower you to take control of your health.

Thyroid Function Screening

This is a comprehensive screening for thyroid health that includes a high sensitivity TSH, two thyroid hormones, two thyroid antibodies, vitamin and mineral levels, and liver and kidney function to understand how your thyroid gland is functioning.  This service includes lab review and interpretation and recommendations to improve thyroid health.

Free T3
Free T4
Anti-Thyroglobulin AB
Reverse T3
CBC with differential
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: (Alanine aminotransferase (ALT); albumin:globulin (A-G) ratio; albumin, alkaline phosphatase, amino transferase (AST); bilirubin total; BUN; BUN: creatinine ratio, calcium, carbon dioxide, chloride, creatinine, eGFR calculation, globulin, glucose, potassium, total protein,sodium)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B9
Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 

Gut Health Screening with GI Map

The purpose of this screening is to educate and inform you about your gut health. Through the use of Diagnostic Solution’s GI Map, you will learn about the health of your microbiome, digestion and unfriendly organisms in your gut. This service includes lab review and interpretation and recommendations to improve digestion and elimination. 

Food Intolerance Screening

Diet is a common cause of inflammation, which impacts your entire body, from weight loss resistance to skin, digestion and mood. A simple finger prick home test (KBMO) can identify which of the following foods and substances is contributing to inflammation: casein, cow’s milk, egg yolk, egg white, wheat gluten, whole wheat, banana, pineapple, corn, white potato, tomato, coffee, soybean, tumeric, salmon, beef, almonds, peanut, candida, brewer’s yeast, chicken and shrimp. This service includes lab review, interpretation and dietary recommendations.

Mold Screening with GPL Mycotoxins and Organic Acid

The purpose of this screening is to discover if your health is being impacted by mold. The Organic Acid Tests and Mycotoxin Test by Great Plains Laboratory,  is a simple urine collection done at home.  These tests measure 12 different toxins produced by mold and gastrointestinal colonization of common mold species. This service includes lab review and interpretation and recommendations for detoxification support. 

Hormone Screening with The Dutch Complete

The purpose of this urine screening is to learn if your sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are optimal. Cortisol levels are also measured to reveal the impact stress is having on your hormones. Knowing hormone levels is only part of the picture to hormonal health. You will learn if your hormones are being broken down in a healthy way or potentially increasing your risk for cellular damage. The Dutch Complete provides information about nutrient deficiencies involved in hormone detoxification. This service includes includes lab interpretation and recommendations for hormone support.

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